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Time Zones

Day: First Saturday in November  - Tomorrow morning at 2:00 am we sent our clocks back one hour, so don’t forget!  This reminds me of traveling east to west and going through different time zones.

When you are driving the across the country, be sure to know when and where your time zones are. If you are like us and don’t make reservations, it is doubly important. Also, Arizona doesn’t have Daylight Saving Time – be sure to be aware your time.

East to West

The further west you go, the greater your camping options will be. If you go through a time zone heading west, you will have an extra hour to find a site and prepare your meal (or get something to eat out if it’s not too late).  A bonus if you are running a little late.

West to East:

The further east you go, the more challenging it is. There may be fewer options for campgrounds AND if you forgot you would be traveling through a time zone, you may be arriving an hour later that you thought. If you are at a campground that locks it gate at night, or you need to check in at a ranger’s office, you may be out of luck. If the campground is open, you will probably find an “iron ranger” to deposit your fee

iron ranger  Iron ranger

or a camp host to help you out. There may be fewer sites to choose from or you may see the “Campground Full” sign. If you do, check in with the host. Sometimes they forget to take in the sign.

If you want to get something to eat at a restaurant, you may find a lot of them close early in small towns in the west. If you do arrive late and want to prepare a quick meal, check out some of these recipes:

 MMM! Recipes


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