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Camping With Cloth Napkins

Camping with Cloth Napkins ? ? ? Condimented Pantry ? ? ?

Camping with Cloth Napkins is our blog about food, cooking, and camping. We will have posts about the Pantry, but also about our adventures camping around the country. There will be times when the two shall cross and a post will be about camping and cooking with condiments. Hope you will enjoy our insights into cooking on the road and using condiments - wherever your have your pots & pans. Buy Some Condiments Now

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Hottest Products at the Fair - A Pantry Post

We love doing pop-up markets. Our two favorites this year were the Maine Artisan Bread Fair and the Harpswell Garden Club's Fall Fest. Every time we do a pop-up there are always products that sell out, but they are never the same from market to market. The hot products at the Bread Fair were: ᐇ Taste Elevated Hijero Piquillo Hot Sauce ᐇ Wozz! Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing ᐇ Wozz! Beet and Pear Tasting Vinegars ᐇ Sutter Buttes Tuscan Herb Dipping Sauce ᐇ Sutter Buttes Parmesan Dipping Sauce ᐇ Sutter Buttes Parmesan Romano Stuffed Olives ᐇ Bone Doctor's Sweet & Spicy...

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Putting a Camping Pantry Together - Camping & Pantry Post

  From 2016 Trip. . . Finally ready to head out on that extended camping trip you have been looking forward to for so long? A well-stocked pantry can make preparing meals on your journey much easier when you head out on the road; all you to do is replenish things as you use them up and add to your pantry as you discover wonderful foods in other parts of this beautiful country. Look for cooking sauces, jams, chutneys, mustards, and pickles to add something special to a meal. There are a couple of ways to put a pantry together: You...

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10 Things to Know About Washing Dishes While Camping - A Camping Post

We try to keep things a simple as possible while camping. Washing dishes is one of those things that you have to do while camping and when you are on the road for a while you don't want to eat off of a paper plate every night. Anyway, you still have to wash your cooking pots and pans. We use one dishpan and our "cowboy coffeepot" filled with hot water from our campstove. Have your hot rinse water in a bowl with a cup to use topour water over a clean dish. You can always add cold water if your...

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Camping in Yosemite - A Camping Post

    The weather was so nice when we were camping in California this winter, we were able to camp in Yosemite Valley - with no snow in January! Of course, Yosemite is big bear country, so ALL our food, cooking equipment, & toiletries had to go in a bear box. The only problem was we were packed for a three to four - month camping trip and we were packing a lot of stuff. The park ranger was great and offered us two bear boxes (they were big ones, too). We were able to get it in the two...

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