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Blake Hill Preserves Sampler

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Blake Hill’s Sampler Gift Box of 8 (1.5 oz) Mini-jars is the perfect gift for sampling several varieties of Blake Hill preserves, marmalades, and cheese pairings.   The Extra Fruit Preserves have 20% less sugar than a standard jam. 

The 8-jar sampler is presented in a gift box; the current selection includes Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve, Wild Maine Blueberry Preserve, Heirloom Apples with Maple Syrup, Classic Fresh Orange Marmalade, Tart Cherry with Cardamom & Port, Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve, Apricot and Orange with Pure Clover Honey



Perfect cheese pairings


Strawberry Rhubarb (An Extra Fruit Preserve: 20% less sugar)

Ingredients: Strawberries, rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin

Wild Maine Blueberry (An Extra Fruit Preserve: 20% less sugar)

Ingredients: Wild blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin

Heirloom Apples with Maple Syrup (Cheddar Cheese Pairing

Ingredients: Raspberries, cane sugar, organic hibiscus flowers, pure apple pectin

Classic Fresh Orange Marmalade (Quintessential Marmalade)

Ingredients: Valencia oranges, lemons, sugar, water

Mission Figs with Pear & Honey (Cheese Pairing Collection)

Ingredients: Figs, pears, honey, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, orange, spice

Tart Cherry with Cardamom & Port (Blue Cheese Pairing)

Ingredients: Montmorency cherries, cane sugar, lemon juice, port, ground cardamom, fruit pectin

Raspberry and Hibiscus (An Extra Fruit Preserve: 20% less sugar)

Ingredients: Raspberries, sugar, hibiscus flowers, fruit pectin

Apricot and Orange with Pure Clover Honey (Washed Rind Pairing)

Ingredients:  Fruit (apricots, oranges), sugar, pure honey, spices, fruit pectin


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