Wozz! Kitchen Creations Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde

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Unlike any other salsa verde, this Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde will wow you right from the first mouthful.  Not only is it delicious, there are only 80 calories in the entire jar! Kiwi and tomatillos being full of tenderizing enzymes making this a perfect marinade. NET WT 12.0 oz.

Ingredients: Kiwi fruit (fresh), Tomatillo (roasted), Onion, Lime juice 100%, Fresh Jalapenos,  Cider vinegar, Cilantro (fresh), Garlic, Non-GMO Cane sugar, Sea salt, Spices.

2015 Winner of the NYC sofi™ Gold for Outstanding Dip and Salsa Category! 

ᐖ  Gluten-Free
ᐖ Additive-Free
ᐖ Preservative-Free
ᐖ  Mild Spice
ᐖ  Vegan-Friendly
ᐖ  Oil-Free
ᐖ  Low-Sugar