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A California Trip

Amboy Crater, CA

Cold beans & peanut butter & jam sandwiches. Don't worry, that's one of the weirdest ones, but we arrived there in a very circuitous route and very late. We slept in the parking lot.

Joshua Tree NP, CA

Bozeman steak, green onions, & potatoes.

Country-style ribs in a Mexican cooking sauce, leftover green onions & potatoes, & bananas.

Bone-in skinless chicken thighs braised with green olives, garlic, Repohlo relish, greens, & smashed potatoes.

Salton Sea, CA

Cheese quesadillas & sausages.

Soft polenta, Bozeman steak, & potatoes.

Squaw Lake, CA

Zucchini & onions, burgers, & potatoes.

Anza-Borrego Desert

Green-chile sausages & onions on soft polenta with extra onions.

Lake McClure, CA

Bozeman steak, onions & Hatch green chiles, sweet potato "stove-top fries", sauteed kale with onions & chiles.

Leftover steak, onions, & kale on tortillas with Swiss cheese.

Horse Creek, CA

Bozeman steak, sauteed onions, potatoes, & Brussel sprouts.

Hollister HIlls, CA

Indian Byriani (using byriani spice paste) with cauliflower, green onions, potatoes, cilantro, calabacitas (Mexican grey squash - like zucchini) with rice.

Williams Hill, CA

Leftover byriani with onions & mushrooms on rice & spinach.

Pinnacles NP, CA

Chorizo (local), onions, & scrambled eggs.

Williams Hill, CA

Soup made from Sunshine Tomato Hot Harlot Pasta Sauce & leftovers.

Kern River, CA

Sockeye salmon marinated in lemon juice & spinach. Served with B&R Apricot Red Pepper Topping.

Anza-Borrego Desert

Pork tenderloins wrapped in bacon (purchased wrapped), leftover onions, leftover sausages, & half an avocado.

Cold rotisserie chicken, avocado, bread, hot sauces.

Pasta with Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade & grate Parmesan cheese.

Bozeman steak with sauteed onions, poblanos, potatoes, & cilantro.

Stir fry of leftovers: cabbage, broccoli, red pepper, onion, garlic, chicken, cilantro served on precooked brown rice with lemon & a sauce (didn't write that down).