From Our Pantry to Yours
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A Colorado Trip

More than one trip:

La Plata Canyon, CO

Soft polenta with basil and pesto, sausages.

Pork tenderloin, Mojito sauce, onions, 1/2 Hidalgo chile (very tiny but very hot), pearsauce, carrots.

Glenwood Springs, CO

Breakfast of elk sausage & potatoes.

Valley View Hot Springs, CO

Leftover shortgrain brown rice with chiles, rapini sauteed with lots of garlic & 1/2 Hidalgo chile, delicata squash.

Tortilla pie made from leftovers.

James M. Robb SP, CO

Rice & beans, Colorado sausages, two chicken drumsticks (carried from CT on the airplane).

Crawford SP, CO

Soft polenta with roasted chiles from the farmers market, sweet Olathe corn, Cheddar from VT.