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Another California Trip, Then Arizona & Utah

Refugio Beach, CA

Grenadier fish with lemon, garlic, & capers.

Near Lake Elsinor, CA

Leftover pork & rice with tortillas (cooked in the dark with the threat of rain).

Salton Sea, CA

Leftover pork, chicken, & rice with kale.

Strawberry milkshakes

Beneath Mount Whitney, CA

Portobello & Goat Cheese Risotto with arugula.

Green chile cheeseburgers, potatoes & parsnips, and asparagus.

Chicken & sausage, served with smashed potatoes and some asparagus.

Death Valley, CA

Brunch in Texas Springs: Omelet with 6 eggs, grilled small sweet potato, two grilled small napolitos (cactus pads), roasted poblano, shredded Monterey Jack cheese served with two tamales and one avocado.

Sauteed, parsnips, onions, & sausages with grated cheese.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ

Lamb shanks with extra chops (prepared that morning), onions, red wine, corn, white beans, & mint.

Skinless chicken thighs, Smokin' Willies Sauce, juice of limes, lemons, & oranges.

Breakfast: green chile stew with eggs & tortillas.

Natural Bridges NM, UT

Sauteed corn on the cob, caramelized onions with spinach. Served with bison burgers with goat Gouda.