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About us


The CONDIMENTed Pantry features a selection of unique, high-quality, small-batch condiments: cooking sauces, gourmet sauces, vinegar, oils, chutney, jam, dressings, and dessert sauces from around the country. We bring you things that you won't see in stores everywhere.                            

It all started with what brought us together: a love of camping (see Camper's Pantry), a love of good food, and a love of cooking together.  We love being on the road together (that's a good thing since we are apt to be on the road for months at a time). We are a former pantry chef and a former librarian who love to cook; one a Mainer and one proudly "from away". We have this insatiable desire to be on the road with food in tow, enjoying life, cooking our way across the country. This year we will have a van full of delicious pantry supplies and will be doing pop-ups at markets in the southwest. We will keep you posted as to where we will be.
While traveling it is important to  have the right supplies in our Camper's Pantry (as well as our home pantry) - which has led us to create The CONDIMENTed Pantry so you can have these items in your Pantry, too!


Whether your are: cooking at home; bringing something to a friend's house; cooking on the road (not just camping, think business trip kitchenette); looking for a gift for someone who loves to cook or who loves to eat (and who doesn't?) - condiments and tasty things in little jar are a cook's best friend. We love cooking with the items in our pantry - we know you will, too.

(taken in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado)

We love to travel, we love to cook, we love to eat. Wherever we go we discover locally-made condiments, sauces, relishes, and other delicious pantry items. We meet the producers, taste the products, and take some with us to offer to you for your pantry.



(Cooking chorizo & spinach on the road)

We continually add condiments and sauces to our collection. Some special items may be available on a limited basis. Keep checking back to see what we have added to The CONDIMENTed Pantry.  We are expanding our collection of Maine condiments and condiments from the Northeast. We can't wait to bring all the wonderful local ingredients to other parts of the country. 

As we camp and cook our way west, we will continue to seek out more great products from small-batch producers around the lower 48 states.


John Betsy Condimented Pantry 


Let us know who and where your favorite small-batch producers are. 

We want to know what you would like to see in (y)our Pantry!