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Pantry Essentials - From Our Pantry to Yours

Please Note:

Any orders placed between 8/14/17/and 8/20/17 will not ship until the week of 8/21/17

Upcoming Pop-up Markets in Harpswell

Lots of things to buy.

Harpswell Garden Club Fall Fest
Sept. 9th, Centennial Hall gardens in Harpswell
8:30 am to 1:00 pm
                 Come and enter our drawing for a Salsa 6-Pack      
We all love to eat, so why not surprise someone special with a unique and delicious gift! Email us at and we will create a culinary gift box for you!   


Check out our collection of dessert sauces - chocolate, toffee, and caramel.  YUM!


At The Pantry we love having a pantry full of unique, flavorful, small-batch condiments and sauces. They come from all over the country, ready for you to use. We want to share with you what we have found by offering these wonderful products for you to buy for your pantry. These are products that you won't see in stores everywhere. 

Whether you are cooking at home (a quick meal for the family or an afternoon of cooking); bringing something delicious to a friend's house; cooking on the road (think camping, business trip kitchenette); or looking for a gift for someone who loves to cook or who loves to eat (and who doesn't?) - sweet and savory condiments in little jars are a cook's best friend. We love cooking with the items in our pantry - we know you will, too.

Whenever possible, our condiments, sauces, and other tasty pantry items...

  • have clean ingredient panels
    • no high-fructose corn syrup
    • no artificial flavoring or coloring
    • no fillers 
  • are organic or sustainably produced
  • are gluten-free

They are...

  • fun, flavorful, beautiful to look at 
  • versatile
  • delicious - making your taste buds happy with every bite

We like to meet our suppliers so we know where our condiments and sauces are coming from, who is making them, and hear their stories.

They get to hear ours so we know that their products are a perfect fit for our Pantry - and for yours.


A well-stocked pantry makes prep and cooking fun and easy. You can make something in a short time if you need to - or you can use these fun ingredients to spend the afternoon playing in the kitchen. Items can be ordered online and shipped to your door. So order some today!

If you live in Harpswell or Brunswick, Maine, we can deliver to your business, home, or lodging or you can pick it up here or at one of our pop-ups and save $1.00 off each jar.

Remember...salsa is a sauce, not just something to serve with chips. On your eggs, in a pot of beans, or as a simmer sauce for chicken, pork, or fish, salsa can be the perfect ingredient. Add a little hot sauce or chutney to a salad dressing. A sweet & hot jam is perfect on a round of goat cheese, but why not serve it on two scoops of vanilla-bean ice cream for dessert?  A sweet jam or jelly is always there for your morning toast or muddled in your evening cocktail.

Let us know how you have used some of our amazing products and we will post them on our recipes page. To see what we're up to, check out our Instagram page.