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condimented pantry salad

You can enjoy salad every day with this quick & easy dressing. With olive oil and an infused vinegar you can have an amazing dressing ready in seconds! We like to add a splash of a white vinegar to balance the sweetness of the infused vinegar. If you like your dressing a little sweeter, leave out the white wine vinegar and use just the infused vinegar. This dressing always is smooth and delicious, never has a vinegar "bite"

      3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

      2 teaspoons of a Wozz! infused vinegar*

      1 teaspoon white wine vinegar (we use Trader Joe's White Modena Vinegar)

Whisk together and toss with your salad. Use as much or as little as you like. Save the rest for another salad or a marinade.

          *which vinegar you choose will depend  on what you are having for dinner or what's in your salad

          Options: fresh herbs, dried herbs, garlic

Sutter Buttes Robust EVOO

Sutter Buttes Abequina EVOO

Wozz! Balsamic Bluberry Maple Vinegar

Wozz! Grapefruit Juniper & Honey Vinegar

Wozz! Cranberry Saffron Vinegar

Wozz! Spicy Pear Finishing Vinegar

 Courtesy CONDIMENTed Pantry