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Unique Condiments &

How to Use Them

Sometimes you look in your refrigerator and all you see is little jars of condiments you have used a few times, but have run out of ideas on what to do with the rest. Well, here are some things we have done:

One Culture Sweet Savory Spicy Cooking Sauce-we marinated some swordfish in the sauce; put the fish and sauce in a baking dish; added more sauce and some crimini mushrooms around the fish; put some slices of guava pulp in with the sauce and baked it.

We made up a whole jar of Guelaguetza Mole Paste into a mole sauce (adding canned tomatoes, Mexican chocolate, and water).  

Once it was cooled, we put half in the freezer for another meal.  With the remaining half we made three meals:

  1. cooked a large turkey thigh;
  2. used what we didn’t eat in a tortilla pie;
  3. reheated leftover tortilla pie with eggs on top.condimented pantry tortilla pie with eggs


One of our favorite things to do is cook up a pot of beans in the slow-cooker with a jar of salsa. We add locally-grown dried beans, a jar of salsa, half an onion, some country-style pork ribs, and water; doesn’t get much better or easier.

condimented pantry beans & red salsa We like some heat so our favorite red sauce is Church Street Café Salsa (it’s medium heat, but New Mexico “medium”) and we have also used a salsa verde, Deception Aloha.  We tried Potlicker Latte Stout Beer Jelly & Jack’s Cosmic Dog Mustard in a pot of beans. It was delicious, but we still prefer more heat.

Speaking of beer jelly, don’t forget you can always add some to help caramelize onions.

Madhatter Hot Sauce Slaw is a great summertime salad with a kick. We add cabbage, golden raisins, sometimes nuts, to make a slaw with a dressing made using Madhatter, a little mayo, a little vinegar.

You can always add a bit of a condiment to dress up a dressing for your salad. I have used NumNum Sauce, Wozz! Chermoula, Little Acre Mustard Seeds, Jack’s Cosmic Dog Mustard, and a number of others in my basic oil and vinegar dressing.

Up for a tasty snack (or light supper)? Fish Nachos!

The fish: Start with dinner the night before of a nice flaky fish (we like hake), ripe plantains, and spinach with Baron's Caribbean Jerk  Sauce, or a tropical, not too sweet, salsa, all wrapped up in banana leaves and cooked on the grill. jerk fish plantains in banana leaves

Important: make sure you make extra for the fish nachos. 

The nachos: tortilla chips, Ocean's Balance Kelp Puree lightly dolloped on the chips, flaked fish, plantains (if left over), and grated cheese on top. Of course you can add other items from your fridge if you want too: herbs, greens, tomatoes, etc. 

And then there is ice cream for dessert:

Add some Wozz! Sour Cherry Wine Savory Spread or some Ki Gourmet Cielo Rojo on top of vanilla ice cream. You can always add a little King's Cupboard Chocolate Sauce with the fruit sauce, too!




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