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Hernán's Mole Poblano - The Condimented Pantry

Hernán's Mole Poblano


Hernán's Mole Poblano is a dark, smooth, fragrant paste made of natural and vegan ingredients which makes a deliciously complex yet well-balanced chocolatey spicy sauce when you combined it with broth or water. Enjoy with a turkey thigh, roasted pork, grilled vegetables, and shrimp. Also use as salsa for huevos rancheros and tacos, or as a BBQ rub. 1 jar is enough for a whole chicken. This mole is NOT gluten-free.  6-8 servings. NET WT. 7.2 oz.

Ingredients: Ancho chole, Mulato chile, Pasilla chile, Raisins, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, cocoa, corn tortilla (corn flour, water, salt), bread, (whole wheat flour, water, yeast, salt), sunflower oil, sugar, piloncillo, plantain, pine nuts, chipotle chile, other natural herbs & spices.

ᐖ  Vegan

condimented campers pantry forkSome nights when you are camping are the perfect time for a hearty meal. Add some chicken, pork, turkey, or shrimp and simmer in this dark mole. serve with veggies and tortillas for a complete meal. If you have any left, serve it with your morning huevos.

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